Go kart transmission calculations

go kart transmission calculations

The transmission system in a vehicle transmits, the power develop by the engine to the driving wheels. So it comprises the whole mechanism that delivers the power from engine to driving wheels. However, the gearbox of a car or similar machine elements can simply be called as transmission, to avoid any confusion. The Go kart transmission calculations are concern here with the calculations required to select appropriate components that can transmit power to rear wheels of the Go kart for a specified engine. Also the calculations provide us with theoretical performances of the vehicle which help in further design decisions.

Go kart transmission

To transmit power to driving wheels of a Go kart there are two most effective ways of power transmission: chain drive transmission or FNR (forward neutral reverse) gearbox combine with chain drive and CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The transmission calculations cover here will be chain drive for the CVT we will cover later on.

As you may already know for the Go kart the typical Go kart engine (4 stroke or 2 stroke) or one cylinder from standard bike is used. The engine and the wheels axle need to be connect by chain through sprockets; situation which bring us to an important part of the design, the choice of engine sprocket, driven sprocket and the roller chain.

Transmission components selection

As mention above the chain drive transmission comprise a driving sprocket, a driven sprocket and a roller chain. Those component should be select base on the power to transmit, means the power of the engine. The engine power is multiply by the roller chain service factor to get the design power and with further few steps we have an idea of components required. To know more about the components selection read: chain drive components selection for go kart and ATV Baja

I hope you enjoy this article about Go kart transmission calculations and it can help you design a better chain drive transmission. If you like pleases comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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