Top 7 mechanical YouTube channels for engineers to watch

Have you ever experienced the fact that you want to learn about a particular subject, topic and tiredly searching for the right YouTube channel or website to learn about? Yes, it happened to me, after a while, here is my top 7 Mechanical YouTube channels recommendation for mechanical engineers.

1-Real Engineering

2-Jeremy fielding

3-Free documentary



6- Sk8215

7-Donut media

Let talk about these channels individually.

Real Engineering

Day to day mechanical wonders like jet fighters, submarines or simple cars around often make us curious about how there are made, what are the principles behind?, engineering decisions for each design.

Real Engineering YouTube channel will amaze your brain with a lot of engineering videos. You will find videos explaining the unique characteristics of various designs, what were the challenges during design and how engineers solve them?

Jeremy fielding

If you were looking for a home for electric motors, don’t look anymore you are in the right place. This channel I can say is the best in the matter. There are a lot of videos and projects about electric motors on this channel. The cool thing also is you will learn the engineering principle behind, how it works?

 Finally, if you would like to know, how to find a cheap electric motor for personal projects?

He will show you some of the best practices he uses to find a bunch of electric motors for his applications.

It’s a must-watch!!!

Free Documentary

Yeah, don’t let the name move your imagination is free and it is good also.

This is the channel to watch if you are a mechanical engineering student and you want to know, how your working life could look like.

There are videos to show you suppose, how an airplane after millions of kms of flying, which need repair can come out of workshop like a new plane.

So now sit back and enjoy.

Donut Media

For those, who want to learn with a bit of fun in the process .here is the right candidate. The topic starts with a historical background of the concept, and then a dip explanation follows.

Enjoy the channel.


This is the channel after watching you will see your car like a big puzzle to disassemble and assemble again.

Bustedknucklevideo and Sk8215

The last two channels are about racing. Not just talking about racing, but also what are the best practices to make a racing machine.

I’m a big fun of racing and if you are like me, luckily you will find your interest on these channels.

The first one Bustedknucklevideo is about off-road racing vehicles. The basic set up of the vehicle and especially suspension set up is very well explained on this channel.

For Sk8215, it is about circuit racing vehicles, there is a series of videos about steering geometry and suspensions, commonly speaking vehicle dynamics, I really appreciate on this channel.

I hope you enjoy our Top 7 Mechanical youtube channels! If you like the post and have your recommendation list put it in the comment below, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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