Steering by wires technology :infiniti’s Q50

The common vehicle steering system below the steering wheel is a combination of mechanical components, going from steering column, steering gear box to the rack and pinion in some cars. What happen if we replace those mechanical components by sensors, control units and powerful servo motors, we get the steering by wires technology which is a part of a large concept called drive by wires aims to replace the control components in the vehicle which are actually mechanical linkage by simple electro-mechanical systems.

So if we already have a typical steering system in the car which is working perfectly, why to replace it with new system?

As you may know mechanical components have friction between them which can create more delay time between the driver input at steering wheel and the output at wheels. Add to that the weight of mechanical components which participate to increase the overall weight of the vehicle .so if we can increase the wheels response time at driver input even at 1% and decrease steering components weight that can participate to make the vehicle more efficient and safe.

How does it work?

steering by wires components with theirs function.
  1. Sensor

The driver turns the steering wheel, a sensor detects how much lock is being applied .then the input signal is send to control units

2-Control modules

Three units receive signals from the sensors and instruct the steering motors.


        A pair of motors turns the front wheels to the required angle


The clutch remains disengage most of the time .if a fault in the electronics is detected, the clutch automatically engage, and a physical link between steering wheel and rack is created.


-The system comport few parts, so it gives some design flexibility

-Elimination of friction due to mechanical parts so quicker response to driver input can be achieve

-Give more safety, the reaction time at wheels is accurate

– Offer better ergonomic

however ,besides the aboves advantages we do have some disadvantages of the system.


Due to the fact that the control units are run by computer program, there is possibility for the system to be hacked

Finally the system is more complex to design

I Hope you enjoy this post about steering by wires technology and it can help you understand your vehicle better. If you like the post pleases comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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