How to make a buggy roll cage or a go kart frame rapid prototype?

Prototyping and prototype?

Designing a product or service involve various of those steps is prototyping which is simply the process of making a prototype. A prototype is a draft version of a product that allows exploring the ideas and showing the intention behind a feature or the overall design concept to users before investing time and money into development. In such a way we have many types of prototyping technics and prototypes depending on the industry and the final purpose of the product or service. in such a way why and how to make a Roll cage or frame rapid prototype?

Why a prototype?

Suppose you want to build a Buggy or a Go kart and the material you decide to use for the roll cage or frame is AISI 4130 (Chromoly steel), generally some more I can guest you don’t want to finish your first CAD model then automatically start cutting the tubes, then observing that in actual welding you are not getting the exact replica of the design, so you can avoid that by making a prototype.

The prototype can help you also to have some quit input for your design. Say in case of Go kart you are hesitating between side and back engine placement, the prototype can help to see the gain in space and design facilities both are giving.

In some design like software designing, it’s use to collect feedback from end users or consumers (process usually called “beta testing”.

The prototype also helps to have the suitable material for the product. The prototype can be made in different materials, try different manufacturing method ,then choose the material offering better design ,affordable manufacturing method and the best of the product.

According to Ford, they save up to $439k and month of lead-time through rapid prototyping.(source: )

A prototype for a buggy or Go kart

For buggies or Go karts prototypes are usually made to check dimensional accuracy, the shape and space available for components and, its give better clarity of the design.

a Roll cage or frame rapid prototype can be made with pvc pipes for a buggy or go kart ,pvc pipes help to have a prototype of the roll cage or frame at low cost with which we can checked our design.
How to make one?

It’s easy and cheap to make buggies roll cage and Go kart frame prototypes with pvc pipes and a suitable glue.

  • First design the CAD model of the vehicle (you can refer our posts on floor planning and 3d modeling ).
  • Calculate the pvc pipes length and diameter required to do the prototype.
  • Cut the pipes according to the dimensions from your drafting sheet.
  • Use grinding machine to do the grooves.
  • Link the pipes with the suitable glue.

I Hope you enjoy this post about making a Roll cage or frame rapid prototype.If you like the post please comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic please suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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