How to design and fabricate a racing Go kart? step#3

 In this post we deal with the Racing Gokart fabrication steps .to quick summarize after the design research, 3D modeling of the entire vehicle then come to analyze parts in ANSYS workbench or any simulation software. The frame and the components we are going to manufacture ourselves are analyze (some components can be design and manufacture by teams if facilities available, and it’s to encourage).

According to the analysis results the design team can decide to bring modifications or go for prototyping (generally for students the frame prototype), same case like the 3D model if the prototype satisfies the team design goals, fabrication can start.


In the fabrication there are several parameters to be considered, like the type of welding. Welding method decisions are based on the type of material we have and the skills of the welder. Materials such as AISI 1018, AISI 1020 and AISI 4130 can be weld easily using electric arc welding and TIG welding. But in case of Aluminum the welding type and the skill of the welder are very important.

So while deciding the material in design planning stage it’s good to think about welding method and the welder skills.


Jig plate supporting frame tubes

The Jig plate is simply a support which helps to achieve dimensional accuracy in fabrication and also makes easy the process. The jig plate is design according to tube size and frame dimensions.

After completion of frame, then come to make support for each component on it, assemble overall to get the final Go kart.

You can go for test drive!!!

Hope you enjoy this post and it helps you fabricate your vehicle better. If you like the post pleases comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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