Gokart design floor planning


The design of a Go kart like any vehicle demand to do a benchmarking or simply a survey about the existing models of your competitors or your own previous one.In case you are preparing for competition like Go kart competition it’s better to study the vehicle of winning team of different competitions, specially previous winning team of the competition you are going to participate, because every racing track has its own characteristics.

After the benchmarking to successfully accomplish the Gokart design floor planning the team needs to read and understand each and every section of the rule book.Understanding the rule book is a very crucial part in designing the Go kart.

Floor planning

The Gokart design floor planning is a process in which the overall length and width of the vehicle,position of key components are decided .the floor plan is just drawing a two dimensional plan of your vehicle on any flat surface with real dimensions, for that you need to have some important components in hands:

1-the engine you want to use or any object with same volume as your engine;

2-the driver seat.

By placing those two according to what the rule book is recommending (clearance between the engine and the driver seat differ from rule book to rule book or either you are opting for side engine placement or back engine placement) you can decide the initial dimensions of your Go kart .

To find the suitable kart length you can use the ergonomic of your driver by making him/her seat in proper driving position then draw the plan around.

Gokart floor planning with backet seat
Gokart floor planning with wheel position

To recapitulate:

1st – benchmarking

2nd -the rule book understanding

3rd –the floor plan

The next step will be 3D modeling the frame,read 3D MODELING GOKART FRAME

I hope you enjoy this post and it can help you design your vehicle better. If you like the post pleases comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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