3D modeling Gokart frame

While designing a vehicle like a Go kart one of the important step is the 3D modeling. 3D modeling Gokart frame allows to make all possible iterations on the vehicle in virtual world. By making all possible modifications before passing to fabrications mistakes and wastage of materials can be reduce.

3D design and simulation

The vehicle is design, redesign with new input and so on up to satisfaction. In designing a Go kart the 3D modeling of the Gokart frame can be done using any 3D CAD software.

Analyze its strength in the same software if option available or export it to an external simulation software like ANSYS or SIMULINK etc…for the front ,back and side impact analysis of the frame.

Go kart frame 3D model

To know the magnitude of the force to be applied in front, back and side impact analysis ,the impact forces calculations can be done .we will be covering that topic in another post.

when to start prototyping ?

By the time at which the 3D modeling and the different collisions analysis are completed. Analysis show that the design of the frame is good.

Means the frame can withstand the bending and torsional loads .we can pass to prototyping.

Go kart frame prototype

There are many prototyping technics and materials use for prototyping .one of the most common and cheapest method is to use pvc pipes and a suitable glue. want to know more read HOW TO MAKE A BUGGY ROLL CAGE OR A GO KART FRAME RAPID PROTOTYPE?

I hope you enjoy this post and it can helps you design your vehicle better. If you like the post pleases comment and share, and if you will like us to cover any related topic suggest, we will do our best to satisfy your queries.

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    • Prototyping is a very crucial point in design process .its allow to have a working model or simply a hands touching model of the design .from it the decision can be made to go for manufacturing of the product or for further design alterations.so prototyping save:
      -time, because its avoid going far in manufacturing and after seeing the design is not working.
      -money, allows to check the workability of the design in very cheap material before using real time materials, generally very expensive.
      Hope I cleared your doubt, nice questions!

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